Our Philosophy


The mission of Christ Little Rock School is to partner with families to raise followers of Christ teaching His grace through academic excellence.
At Christ Little Rock School we believe: 

- The true purpose of this life is founded and developed in God as Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier.
- God’s unconditional love results in service to others.
- Each child is loved and accepted as a child of God and is encouraged to identify and develop his or her God-given talents.
- Creative expression and thought must be encouraged in order to foster greater participation and positive self-esteem.
- Our team, consisting of church, home and school works together for the total development of the child.
- Teachers and staff are committed to being exemplary models in their love of Christ, children and families.
- An excellent academic education must be provided for children of varying abilities in order that each may reach his or her greatest potential.

Christ Little Rock School strives to be a place where Christ’s love and grace are exemplified and where we value challenging 21st century instruction and learning to provide a solid foundation for students to mature spiritually, academically, emotionally and socially.