Our mission distinguishes us. Christ Little Rock School partners with families to raise followers of Christ teaching His grace through academic excellence. We strive to be a place where Christ’s love and grace are exemplified and where we value challenging 21st century instruction and learning to provide a solid foundation for students to mature spiritually, academically, emotionally and socially.

We value small classes and are committed to maintaining a low student to teacher ratio in the classroom. In our Early Childhood (EC) program the student to teacher ratio is 3:1 for Infants/Tiny Tots, 4:1 for Waddlers, 6:1 for Toddler, 7:1 for Two's, and 8:1 for Preschool and PreKindergarten. Within our Elementary program our average class size is under 15 students, and in Middle School the average class size is fewer than 20 students.

Graduates thrive. Our graduates leave with the confidence and experience to actively participate in the high school classroom and extra curricular activities.

Our philosophy